You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet displays the work of Daniel Cohen, Ryan McGinley, Alex Vanhee, Dean Chalkley, Alex Salinas, Michael Schmelling and many others. It has intimate behind-the-scenes views of the music world, eccentric group portraits and iconic album cover material. All these photographers as well as the authors share one thing: a love for music. The first-ever book with a free online Spotify soundscape - and of course the Rod Stewart fans from James Mollison's series The Disciples.
Authors: Rein Deslé, Luc Janssen, Hedy van Erp
Publisher: Lannoo, 2014
Dutch and English, 216 pages
Tilted colour photograph of book cover with the title in black You Ain't seen nothing yet and the subtitle in blue: Music and Photography. who thirds of the book cover contains a corner of room with red walls and red floor and a young man seated on the ground an a young woman standing next to him in the corner trying to get away from the giant head of an elephant on the floor. The people wear red tight trousers, the girl wears a white shirt with long sleeves, the man a black T shirt, both look in agony to the elephant.
           Alex Vanhee
James Mollison, Rod Stewart Fans, from 'The Disciples', 2005
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