Koos Breukel is a photographer of ordinary people and celebrities. There is a clear egalitarianism in his work and in him. Breukel photographs children and students, artists and politicians, seamen and transgenders, and the Dutch king and queen.
Exhibition nominated for the Deutsche Börse/Photographers’ Gallery Best European Photo Exhibition. The book ME WE was awarded the Kees Scherer Prize for the Best Dutch Photobook 2013/2014.
Fotomuseum The Hague, NL
September 2013 - January 2014
Koos Breukel, Gerard Petrus Fieret, 2005
colour phootgraph of japanese woman in  her sixties dressed in a traditional japanese beige kimono with a pattern of red blue, white and black coloured butterflies. She is standing in a shady part of a garden with white flowers on a shrubbery, a multi-coloured host in the foreground and small pink flowers to her left. Her gaze is turned away from the lens, she looks contented and peaceful.
Koos Breukel, Ishiuchi Miyako, Bergen
a black and white photograph of two young men in the rain wearing anoraks, jeans and working boots. these stand an a narrow passway with old dilapidated walls
Koos Breukel, Bouwvakkers Forteiland, 1998
Koos Breukel, Casper, Vinkeveen, 2008
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