Most of us have a misfit mindset. We feel we don’t fit in any available space of the grid of life, longing for an alter ego that seems superior to the identity we were given, but is actually flawed. Koos Breukel and I curated the Marvelous Misfits themed Fotofestival Naarden 2019 with the intention of including the fish out of water, as genuine inclusiveness represents embracing the misfits who we are.
Misfits are greater masters than they are given credit for - they are marvelous misfits. We showed work of those who neatly fit within the realms of labels and norms of Dutch Masters, alongside artwork and photography by those who don’t. Marvelous Misfits told the tales of our best and worst moments, from self-loathing to self-love, and the marvelous in-between.
Fotofestival Naarden, NL
May-June 2019

Isabel Bishop, Remsen Wolff, Dr Harold Wolff, 1950's ©The Remsen Wolff Collection. Courtesy Jochem Brouwer

Remsen Wolff, Constance, New York, June 6th 1992. Courtesy Jochem Brouwer

Remsen Wolff, Kabuki Starshine, New York, April 29th 1993. Courtesy Jochem Brouwer

Thijs Wolzak, Binnenkijken, René Slierendrecht, 2017

Thijs Wolzak, Binnenkijken, Monika Dahlberg, 2016