Since 2012, DOG FOOD has been an annual, not-for-profit photo zine, edited by photographers Arjen Zwart and Jason Eskenazi, whom I joined in 2023 as guest editor for issue 11. Loved by photo enthusiasts worldwide for combining mostly archival material with a splash of irony, DOG FOOD 11 is your faithful travel companion, navigating and guiding you through funny, obscure, tragic, and curious scenes.
In this issue, Blommers Schumm, Anton Corbijn, Tina Farifteh, Rob Hornstra, Dana Lixenberg, Robin de Puy, Viviane Sassen, Otto Snoek and Henk Wildschut share the books and films that influenced their work. And much more: Dog Food takes you for a lasting love affair in Locarno, Switzerland. Remsen Wolff takes you on a magical mystery tour, while Wanda Tuerlinckx blasts you into the uncertain future.
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